Choosing Cremation Urns

The passing of a loved one can be a painful and confusing time. If the family member has made his or her wishes clear in regards to funerals and cremation or burial, this can often be a huge burden lifted. Once the decision to cremate has been made, there are however a few other things that need to be taken into account such as type and style of cremation urns and whether or not you would like to have a memorial plot. These decisions are tough, but in most cases funeral homes organising the service will be able to help with these details.

Cremation urns come in a range of shapes, styles, sizes and patterns, most of which would surprise you. Some funeral services in Melbourne offer just the basic urns, often made of timber, brass or nickel, while others offer a large range of urns. Larger selections include choices of eco-friendly and bio degradable urns, decorative urns or even teddy bear urns. Options such as a teddy bear urn or sculptured urn are often popular for family members wishing to keep or display the urns in their home. Some individuals feels this brings them great comfort and can help with the grieving process.

A biodegradable urn is a choice that is common for members wishing to scatter ashes over bodies of water. The ashes are able to be kept inside the urn, which once placed in the water floats for a short time, and then sinks to the bottom to decompose. These urns are made of a strong paper like substance that is not harmful to sea life or the environment once it decomposes. Similar to more traditional cremation urns, the biodegradable options are able to be purchased in a range of colours, sizes and shapes. Sea shells and ocean related designs are popular for this type of urn.

A select number of funeral homes offer decorative urns or wearable urns. These are often made as necklaces, bracelets or watches and contain a small compartment in which ashes can be kept. This option is not for everyone, but some find it comforting to have their loved ones remains close by. Necklaces are usually fashioned from brass or stainless steel in designs such as loves hearts, crosses and cylindrical urn shapes. The design acts as a casing for the ashes so they are out of sight and secure. Urn decorations such as chains or pendants can also be added to traditional jar shaped urns to personalise the memorial. Another thing that family must think about is whether or not they would like to create a physical memorial as well as having cremation urns. A large number of cremation urns in Melbourne provide services in which family members can purchase a small plot of land and install a small commemorative plaque. This is often a great way to ensure that family members, friends and future generations have a physical space to pay their respects.